We love our work because it is creative, engaging and simply intrinsically fun.

But we realize that many other types of work lack elements necessary to keep workers motivated for a longer period of time.

One example of such a work place are call centers, especially outbound and sales centers, where everything is about numbers and companies have historically focused on optimizing the grind work with methods similar to those in the early industrial era (from conveyor belts & assembly lines).

Throughout the last decade, we have established strong long-term business relationships with several medium to large enterprises where the above is very much the case.

This has allowed us to recognize the opportunity to introduce change through technology and game mechanics.

One such example is undergoing deployment right now: we are working closely with an established call center to see how we can use elements from games to help make work there more fun and engaging.

You can view a presentation of the platform on Slideshare.

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